Sizing Chart - I See You dad hat

Follow this size guide to ensure comfort and correct sizing (we are not accepting returns at the moment, except for goods damaged in transit or misprints - we are working to expand our returns in the near future)

 Steps for Measuring: 

  1. Place the end of your tape on your forehead and wrap the rest around the back of your head, keeping it 1″ (2.5 cm) above your ears.
  2. Pinch the spot where the tape meets the other end, lift the loop over your head, and note the measurement. Be as careful as possible to get the most precise measurement.

Pro Tip: Measure your head circumference with a non-stretchable measuring tape. 

dad hat sizing picture

Product Measurements

Inches (in):

A (in)
B (in)
C (in)
D (in)
One Size
20.5 - 23 ⅝
4 ⅜
7 ⅛


Centimeters (cm):

A (cm)
B (cm)
C (cm)
D (cm)
One Size